Top Qualities to Look for in an Estate Agent

When you’re looking for an estate agent to either help you buy or sell a property, then you’ll want to consider whether they have the following attributes:

Buying or selling a property can potentially be very stressful, so having an agent who doesn’t communicate well is not going to help you feel any better about the process. As the property market is highly time-sensitive, having an agent who responds quickly and lets you know exactly what’s going on between parties is crucial. One of the most significant issues people have with their estate agents is a lack of communication. For many agents who have been in the business for years, one piece of information might seem trivial. Still, it could be considered necessary by customers new to the property process. Regular updates and accessibility are vital for customers.

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  • Client-Focused

An agent who recognises that a good deal for their client means a good value for them is the one to look for. Putting their customers first and having their needs as a top priority means the customer can be confident that the agent is doing their very best. Agents who understand the importance of keeping clients secure, happy, and well-informed are the ones who represent the best of the business. When you need Stroud Estate Agents, visit

  • Good Listeners

Beware the estate agent who talks too much, leaving you with the impression that they haven’t heard a word you’ve said. The client should do most of the talking to ensure the agent understands special needs and requirements. A good estate agent will ask questions and listen to the answers.

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  • Adaptive

An agent must be able to read their client and understand how best to communicate with them. Some people prefer being contacted by email, some a phone call, and others are happy with a simple text message. Get this wrong, and you could annoy your client. Constant updates make the client feel bombarded, but too long left in silence could result in frustration and stress. It’s the agent’s responsibility to find the right level and adapt to it.

  • Appearances Matter

An agent could have the best customer service in the industry, but if the office looks tatty, the company car is old and battered, or the agents look scruffy – it will put off potential clients. A freshly painted office, clean car, and bright appearance exude professionalism, so look for a reputable agent who makes an effort to look the part too. 

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