Staining your Kitchen Cabinets

There is no denying the fact that changing the shade of your cabinet gives a fresh new look to the item and give kitchen the feel that it requires. Though staining a cabinet is not that difficult but if you want to do it in a systematic way, you should definitely follow certain instructions that have been mentioned below:

Always try using a screwdriver for removing the cabinet doors at the axis and remove the area fully and store it in a secured place. Thereafter the metal fixtures need to be removed from the doors. Then if it is possible, take the cabinets down. Try using a sander for removing all old stain or old paint. After this, the cabinets need to be taped off from walls, so that you can get dirt on the walls. Put on the gloves to stay away from your skin staining.

Keep on brushing on the dirt evenly and go with the wood grain. After this, you should try using a piece of cloth for rubbing in the dirt and for removing the excess. After this, you should concentrate on washing the drops as they seem to appear. On the other hand, if required, give a second coating or try to touch up the missed spots. Then allow doors and cabinets to dry fully. Now, fix your fixtures to the original places and finally attach the doors once more through the use of hinges.

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