Fiberstone planters: pros and cons

Fiberstone planters

The fiberstone planters are really very good, perfectly imitating the terracotta pots. The obvious problem of plastic pots, is that from far you could see that they were made of plastic, of a lower quality than terracotta, while with these fiberstone planters it is really difficult to know that we are dealing with a synthetic material.

It is evident that the fiberstone planters better withstand temperature changes that clay pots or terracotta.

Fiberstone planters

The pots of clay that I have in the garden tend to perish precisely because of these changes in temperature, especially in winter, when frosts wreak havoc on their internal composition: the pots absorb water when it rains, and if there is frost the water contracts, breaking the pot.

What some see as advantages, I find it “dangerous” for our plants. It is true that being a synthetic material, the pots do not lose moisture due to the porosity associated with clay pots, but also that humidity can cause some fungal problems. Do not you think?

Where I choose fiberstone planters see a huge advantage, like the size of the pots, is when we talk about pots with large formats.

The fiberstone planters will only influence the weight, the substrate of the plants and the weight of the plants themselves. A pot of mud of dimensions as those of the photo, with a diameter near the meter and with a similar height, in clay would weigh excessively. Therefore, lightness is a point in favor of fiberstone planters.

Fiberstone Planters

The Polystone / fiberstone / bright polystone flower pot is a water and frost resistant material and extremely durable.Each planter is made from a mixture of special unsaturated resin, MMA and natural minerals and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Main specifications / special features

  • Bright fiberstone pots / planters
  • Materials: resin, fiberglass and granite powder
  • Sizes: contact us or according to your interest
  • Features: waterproof and light frost and super durable, high intensity, color will last long with UV stabilizer, no cracks in the corner, various colors are available.
  • Finish: bright / glossy or matt, natural according to requirements
  • Hole discharge is optional

With regard to the shape of polystone / fiberstone / bright polystone we are available variety of forms of products such as: fiberstone bucket, planter of polyhedra cylinders, bright rectangular pots, traditional pots, square bright polyether pots, egg planter, container oval fiberstone, round pots, outdoor stone fiber bowls, high poly-stone vases, glossy fibeston ball, poly-stone ornaments, fiber jars, lightweight small size, larger polystone size …

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