Alternative power sources for the UK

With all the talk of the climate changing Britain is said to be too reliant on the old standards of gas, petrol chemicals and coal, imported from abroad. These fossil fuels have contributed to pollution, poor air quality and poor health effects. The continuing rise in global temperatures to levels never recorded before. What can we do about this and how can we start to reverse the change?

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The most simple thing that we do is start to look for alternatives for fuel sources and increase their use. There are plenty of options for this.  There is already huge amounts of research being done into wave power possibly utilising the Severn bore in the West Country and also around Swansea and Cardiff Bay in South Wales.

The Severn Bore - an astounding natural spectacle

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Wind power is already very much established both onshore and offshore with wind farms making up a considerable percentage of the UK’s power supply.  There is one very quick and simple answer that has been around for almost a century and a half. Solar farms are becoming increasingly popular as an option but there is also something that can be done on a domestic level as well. Solar Panel Installation Bristol and throughout the UK Can not only make a home self-sufficient in its energy use it can also give back energy into the National Grid. Until the much-predicted launch of cold fusion this and other options are the best way to ensure that we reach our net zero targets.

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