10 essential tips for decorating children’s bedrooms

Enjoying a new family member is an unforgettable moment . Especially when we put the whole bedroom in order to make our son / daughter feel comfortable and clothed at all times , that’s when we started to inspire us about children’s bedroom decoration

However, there are many moms and dads who are somewhat lost in this regard. Do you consider yourself one of them? Well do not worry!

1.  bright colors in the decoration of children’s bedrooms

It is very important that the child always feels in a cheerful and clear environment . In a space that makes you feel good at all times. And how can we achieve this? Well, using all kinds of vivid and intense colors, such as red or green . The good thing about all this is that you can combine them without problems to later take care of all the decoration of the children’s bedroom , something that we will shortcut in the next point.

2. A child’s bedroom would be nothing without a toy guard

It is completely normal for the child to have all kinds of toys scattered throughout his room. Do you want these to remain in an orderly fashion so that the decoration of your child’s bedroom is not messy? Well, you can put all kinds of drawers and storage of very different colors that will give a very “childish” touch to the whole room.

3. The furniture must be according to the child’s age

It would be a bit counterproductive to splash all the children’s bedroom with all kinds of furniture that have little to do with the decoration and age of the child . Therefore, you will have no choice but to change all the furniture from time to time and adapt to the times.

4. The space should be one of the maxims of children’s decoration

What is the use of putting all kinds of decorative elements with the most childish touches if afterwards we do not get our son / daughter not to feel comfortable ? Therefore, sometimes we have to sacrifice excessive decoration so that the entire space gains in breadth and comfort.

5. Murals and vinyls to get a perfect children’s bedroom decoration

If what we are looking for is that the bedroom of the youngest has a touch of decoration of the most childish , then we must not lose sight of the murals and vinyls . We can “stick” for all the walls of the bedroom. And the best thing is that we can find them with all kinds of topics that are sure to be adapted to the tastes of our son.

6. The curtains are also important in a children’s room

Surely many think that light should always be present in any corner of a child’s bedroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is important to know how to play with it. And is that the smaller rooms are also places for rest during the siesta. Therefore, it is very important to put curtains on all the windows of our children’s bedroom.

7. Give each corner its importance

Children’s bedrooms are not just places to rest. Here the little ones play, study and interact with their friends . Hence, it is also important to give each corner a very specific activity . In this way, we will ensure that our son / daughter feels that their space is completely unique.

8. The desk is another part of the decoration of a children’s bedroom

Although it is not something that should be done practically from the beginning, (for reasons of age) once our child turns 4 or 5 years, it is important to consider the possibility of installing a good desk that practically serves for life . In this way, you will become aware that a child has, both to have fun with their toys, and to put in front of a book whenever necessary.

9. The memories must be present in any children’s room

A child would not be a child without his memories . It does not matter how old he is. From the moment he is born until practically his puberty, he will literally ” flood” his childhood bedroom with all kinds of childhood memories in the form of cushions, photographs and stuffed animals. Therefore, it is very important that these have a suitable place. In this way, the whole space will gain personality and security.

10. And simplicity first of all

We want to finish this article by telling you not to “eat your head” when decorating any children’s room . First of all, simplicity must be first of all so that our son or daughter feels in the best possible place. This is ultimately the place where he seeks to escape a bit “from the real world”. And for this reason, it is very important to opt for a simple decoration for children.

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