How to Make Your Home Burglar Proof

If you’re away on holiday, ask your neighbour to come by and look over your house for you. This will give you peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on the security of your property. This will also deter potential burglars from thinking your house is an easy target. Another way to deter break-ins is to make it look like there’s always someone home. Insidious burglars prefer to enter a house through windows that can be easily accessed from outside so always ensure your windows are locked as well as your doors.

You can also make your home burglar proof by installing timer switches for your lights. These devices only cost a couple of pounds each and give the appearance of activity inside your home 24 hours a day. You should place these switches in your bedroom and living room. The living room lights should stay on until midnight. The appearance of an occupied house will cause criminals to think twice. It’s also important to install security cameras in your home.

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Don’t overlook the exterior of your home. Oftentimes, bad guys don’t want to be seen, so make sure to have lighting outside that lets anyone approaching your home be lit up. Adding motion sensors is a great way to prevent someone from intruding into your home. The front door should be lighted at dusk and all windows should be well-lit. If you’ve made a big purchase recently, shred any boxes and secure documents in a home safe or use a shredder to dispose of sensitive information before putting it out in the rubbish.

Keep your garden well-lit. While you’re at it, add lights to the exterior and outbuildings. It will help keep burglars away and make it safe for your family.  If you have tall trees or dark corners, you can use motion-activated flood lights to illuminate these areas. Cancel any deliveries so you don’t have milk or newspapers building up near the front door.

Another way to make your home burglar proof is by using the right locks. Older locking mechanisms might not offer the same level of protection as modern, top of the range security devices. Don’t overlook the security of your garage door either. This is often overlooked but can be a weak link in gaining access to the home. For Garage Door Repairs St Albans, visit a site like

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A good way to make your home burglar proof is to use timer switches on your lights. These timer switches are inexpensive and can make your house look occupied 24 hours a day. Using these timer switches in your living and bedroom will make it appear that someone is home. Intruders won’t be attracted to your house if it looks like there is someone home.

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