How to choose a good air conditioning system

air conditioning system

We are already in the spring and before we realize it, summer will have arrived. And with it the sun, the nights outdoors and the power to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, it also has some drawbacks such as the oppressive heat and high and extreme temperatures. It’s time to get a good air conditioning system. Today we tell you which is best for you.

Summer is a great season, nobody doubts that. The days are long and the warm temperatures allow us to enjoy the outside, the beach or the pool. The nights are very pleasant and lend themselves to enjoy them to the fullest. In short, I love summer. Of course, not all are advantages. If you do not have a good HVAC system maybe the summer is not so great.

There may not be perfection. Maybe everything has its negative side and, as far as the summer is concerned, I can think of one that is quite unpleasant to assume: high temperatures (but really high).

Everything depends on the place where you live. There are much hotter areas than others, but if you live in a region where summer shakes big (Córdoba could be the perfect example) you probably already have an air conditioner (in these cases they become an article of First need).

But if this is not the case, if for some reason you do not have any HVAC system at home, it is time to get one because in a short time you may need it … and a lot. Also, it is better to buy it now than later, when you will have fewer options to choose from and they will be more expensive (things of the law of supply and demand).

Choose the air conditioning system that best suits you

To choose between the wide offer that exists in terms of air conditioning you have to consider what your needs are. There is no perfect system, but the one you choose must be perfect for you.

To begin with, the first thing you have to ask yourself is if you need to have air conditioning throughout the house or just in one room. This information should be the first thing that limits your decision.

Also, if you install an electric climate control system, you can make it connect whenever you want even if you’re out. So when you arrive you will find a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. It is one of the practical solutions offered by home automation for your home.

For the whole houseair conditioning system

There are two ways to air-condition the house completely. The first consists of a system of hidden conduits. To decide on this first option of air conditioning, your house must have the necessary conduit pre-installation. If so, you just have to install the right equipment. Of course, it requires a professional to install the device.

The duct air conditioning system has several advantages. To start is the most decorative, from an aesthetic point of view, since it is hidden and no device is seen. That’s always something positive, just as it is in winter to camouflage a radiator.

In this case, the team is hidden in a false ceiling. The cold air is distributed through the network of ducts that reach all the rooms (where there is a grate through which the cold air comes out).

Other advantages of this air conditioning system are that it is very quiet (which is very suitable in bedrooms, for example). In addition, most systems incorporate a heat pump so you can also use it in winter, as a heating mode and thus save on gas consumption.

The second alternative to air-condition the whole house is the multi-split system that consists of an outdoor unit and one or several indoor units that work independently. The outdoor unit is capable of feeding two to four indoor units placed in different rooms. Of course, we must have the mandatory permission to install this outdoor unit on the facade of the building.

If you are going to decide on a multi-split system choose it with Inverter technology, since they are the most efficient and can save up to 70% with respect to systems that do not have this technology. In the long run, you will thank him very much.

Only for one room

There are times when we need to air-condition only one room and then we need a different system. There are three options that may be appropriate depending on our circumstances. It all depends on if you can or want to do installation works, if it is your house or rented a home, or if it is your usual residence or a house of little use, for example, holidays. I tell you.

First of all, there are the splits, like the system that I told you before, but with only one indoor unit (and one exterior, of course). They need installation (although nothing complicated) and you have to make sure that there is no problem by installing the outdoor unit on the facade. The indoor unit is placed on the top of the wall.

Then there are the portable air conditioning systems, very practical if the house is not yours or if you need to move the device from one room to another. They do not need installation, which is one of its advantages.

And finally, there are the evaporative air conditioners, which are those devices that emit cold vapor. Their biggest advantage is that they have a minimum consumption, which means that your electricity bill does not trigger. To work, you just have to fill the ice or cold water tank and the appliance will start releasing cold steam.

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